It’s amazing what nature can do with the right coating
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Lumiforte produces coatings for the greenhouse horticulture sector and line marking products for sports fields. We team up with nature by developing coatings that respond to practical needs at specific locations anywhere in the world. It’s amazing what nature can do with the right coating.

Horticulture and Sport 

We produce products for greenhouse cultivation that help growers protect their crops and greenhouses against too much light and heat. The goal is to safeguard optimal production regardless of local conditions. 
In the sports sector we score with our wear-resistant line marking products and accompanying machinery. All our coatings meet the highest quality standards.



The ReduSystems products control the amount of natural light and heat to create an optimal greenhouse climate in every season. Focused on the crop’s needs, the ReduSystems products provide light diffusion, the reflection of heat radiation or a change to the light spectrum.




Sudlac shading products provide effective, reliable protection against direct sunlight radiation. The different lengths of protection provided by the various Sudlac coatings make it possible to continuously anticipate local weather conditions.


Quality line marking and machinery

Selectline is the reliable and personal partner in high quality line marking products and machinery. We are perfectly accurate, spot on the mark with agreements, support, quality, and durability. Our motto is that you must be able to score in any match. 


Need to know

Lumiforte is constantly developing in a rapidly changing world. To continue to be a frontrunner as a manufacturer of coatings, we are taking steps: large and small steps, always with the future in mind.

Innovation: advances in drone technology have enabled the application of shading
For some years now, drones have been widely used in agriculture for different purposes: mapping, irrigation, monitoring, application of different products,...
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Vacancy Commercial Area Manager Horticulture EMEA
Within our business unit horticulture you will be responsible for all sales...
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Cooperation between ReduSystems and Sudlac means there always is a custom solution...
Lumiforte was created due to the merger of Mardenkro and Sudlac at the end of 2021. This cooperative partnership ensures better service and advice, whereby...
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A front row seat in research into light and crops
Lumiforte is capable of developing innovative coatings due to direct contact with well-known scientists working in the area of light and plant physiology....
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Environmental efforts awarded prestigious prize
The efforts of Lumiforte in Échirolles to reduce its environmental impact are standing out. The company has won the prestigious Trophy Responsible Care...
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Vacancy HR Business partner
The job of HR Business partner is relatively new within Lumiforte. We are looking...
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Sustainability goals of Lumiforte
Lumiforte has strategically chosen to prioritize 4 Sustainable Development Goals...
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Sustainable buckets with a new look
Starting in 2022 all ReduSystems and Sudlac packaging will have a fresh new look. It is immediately obvious from the packaging that the products form...
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New factory in Echirolles
Lumiforte continues to expand. Whether for its ranges of products dedicated to greenhouse agriculture or to the layout of sports grounds, it has seen...
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Sudlac SAS and Mardenkro BV continue together under the name Lumiforte® for...
Sudlac SAS and Mardenkro BV, two companies that produce innovative greenhouse coatings, are moving forward under a new name. The new company name is Lumiforte®....
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Coatings and smart energy savings go hand-in-hand
No one can predict where the high energy prices will go from here. What is clear however, is that the current situation stimulates every grower to look...
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Lumiforte is a global leader in the development and production of innovative coatings for horticulture and sports. We export to more than 70 countries. We aim to maximize the use of coatings to its fullest potential to make businesses more profitable and sustainable, and life for people and plants more comfortable and enjoyable.


Lumiforte teams up with nature. Our coatings ensure that growers can make optimal use of natural sunlight to produce vegetables, fruits, and flowers all year-round. We produce innovative, top quality shading products that help reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency. This way we contribute to a better and healthier world. 


Lumiforte is constantly looking for motivated employees. If you are interested in making a contribution to our products, growing the business, and advancing your own development, apply to our job openings or send us an open application.


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