Lumiforte and end users take a step forward in sustainability

This proactive approach to sustainability began on July 1st, and three months after the launch, it is evident that the organized collection, reuse, and recycling of ReduSystems and Sudlac packaging is progressing successfully. After an initial evaluation, producer Lumiforte and logistics partner Houweling have concluded that the collection project can continue without interruption. "We are pleased with the enthusiastic response," says coordinator Carlo Reinacher from the Lumiforte location in Baarle-Nassau. "This promises well for 2024 and beyond."

In collaboration with logistics partner Houweling Group, Lumiforte has taken the initiative to systematically retrieve empty packaging of their coatings and cleaning products for recycling or reuse. End users (growers and contractors) can have their empty buckets and jerry cans of these products collected by Houweling for a small fee. Users even receive compensation for the return of the larger IBC containers, which are suitable for reuse.

Reducing waste

"The collection project is a result of our company's sustainability policy," says coordinator Carlo Reinacher on behalf of coating producer Lumiforte. "The use of our products generates a significant waste stream of plastic packaging. This is undesirable and unnecessary because it involves high-quality plastics that can be recycled or reused effectively. To make this possible, we have designed this project in collaboration with Houweling Group and sought the cooperation of our distributors, who have willingly agreed. We can already see that it's making a difference. This plan diminishes waste streams and encourages greater recycling and reuse."

“We are pleased with this initiative from Lumiforte, which demonstrates its responsibility. This takes the entire supply chain a step further.”

René Bunnik, Sales manager Houweling Group

Buckets, jerry cans, and IBC containers

End users who have empty buckets or jerry cans of ReduSystems or Sudlac products collected by Houweling pay a modest fee, which is lower than the cost of waste disposal. IBC containers, mainly used by contractors, even generate a substantial amount. These packaging units with volumes up to 1,000 liters are more robust and suitable for reuse in principle. Logistics partner Houweling cleans and inspects the IBCs for defects. "Good ones go back to Lumiforte to be refilled, and damaged ones are disassembled and recycled as well."

Collaborating with contractors and spraying companies

Sales manager René Bunnik of Houweling Group is also pleased with the preliminary results. "We can see that it's working," he says. "Applying and removing temporary coatings is a specialized job and is increasingly done by contractors. Five major parties have already committed to this project and are delivering all their empty packaging to us. Next spring, we hope to broaden the support even further. I believe the chances of success are high because horticultural companies are also focused on sustainability, and there is something in it for them. We are pleased with this initiative from Lumiforte, which demonstrates its responsibility. This takes the entire supply chain a step further."

Spring peak

"In the spring, we see a tremendous peak in the use of our coatings," Reinacher adds. "By that time, we will reintroduce this initiative to growers, contractors, and resellers. I expect that Houweling will have a much larger volume of returned packaging to process than in the past quarter. Recycling and reusing packaging strongly contribute to reducing the environmental footprint. This is something everyone should be committed to."

Growers who want to learn more about returning empty Lumiforte product packaging can contact their suppliers for information.

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