Lumiforte's road to sustainability

Lumiforte is on the eve of a sustainable transition. We are transforming our identity, our way of working, and most importantly our product range!  In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve and embrace sustainable solutions. As the global leader in several niche sectors, we are thrilled to share our vision and introduce our latest advancement in bio-based technology!  

Our sustainability dream is to achieve circularity, envisioning our product's raw materials sourced from nature or waste flows, and returned to nature at the end of their life.

  • The waste flow of shading products for horticulture would become a nutrient for crops in the greenhouse.
  • A line marking coatings that improves the health and quality of the grass growing underneath.

As always with the process of product development, the first generation is not the last. Reaching valuable circularity will imply the development, testing, and launch of multiple generations of products in the coming years.  

The stages towards making the dream a reality:

  1. We adopted the challenging mission to, after 2028, only market products that are categorized as biobased & biodegradable. Those definitions are worthless without specification:
    • Biobased: a minimum of 95% of used materials are from natural origin.
    • Biodegradable: minimum readily biodegradable (>60% within 28 days)
    • Toxicity: not acutely toxic to the environment
  2. Our soon-to-be-launched (2024) first generation of biobased coatings harnesses the power of renewable raw materials, specifically starch from corn. 
  3. Till 2028 we will keep improving the (sustainable) properties of our current portfolio and maximize our efforts to make sure the products are used and supported in the best way.

Lumiforte teams up with nature. Sunlight is indispensable to produce vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Lumiforte coatings ensure that growers can make optimal use of natural sunlight. This way Lumiforte contributes to a healthy, livable world for everyone.

Our 4 impact pillars

By utilizing renewable resources, we reduce our reliance on non-renewable materials to limit the depletion of natural resources and minimize greenhouse gas emissions during production. Aside from product development, we launched 4 pillars of sustainability during 2022, to support a wider transition towards sustainable leadership within our sectors.

Understanding the terminology

Sustainability can be a vague and complex theme. We want to be as clear as possible about how we interpret the leading definitions to prevent misunderstandings or greenwashing.

Understand it
Our first-generation biobased technology

When we started working on bio-based & biodegradable coatings a few years ago, we decided to investigate raw materials that possessed those properties inherently. In a coating’s formula, the main ingredient concerned with those topics is the binder. The binder is a key ingredient because it is responsible for the stickiness on greenhouse, grass, and roof surfaces and it defines the product's durability.

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