Our 4 impact pillars


Sustainability refers to the ability to maintain and support a certain level of environmental, social, and economic well-being for present and future generations. It is often considered a key aspect of environmental and social responsibility, as well as a means of promoting long-term viability and success.  

Sustainability norms are continuously evolving. Thus, the products known as sustainable 5 years ago might not fulfill the sustainability criteria of today.  This is why we are constantly improving ourselves and our formulations, to reduce our carbon footprint and try to set an example. By utilizing renewable resources, we reduce our reliance on non-renewable materials to limit the depletion of natural resources and minimize greenhouse gas emissions during production.

Aside from product development, we launched 4 pillars of sustainability during 2022, to support a wider transition towards sustainable leadership within our sectors. Meanwhile, we align our company processes accordingly.

Optimize the performance of plants & people

We optimize the performance of our products at end users, in order
to decrease the use of natural resources and increase the yield. 

This means we:

  • Learn about our product benefits
  • Share proof points with end users
  • Validate proof points in the field

Collaborate on nature-first solutions

We develop nature-first solutions and design better standards for the sector, by collaborating with suppliers and governmental organizations.

This means we:

  • Know our products’ ecological impact
  • Build third generation partnerships
  • Co-create (local) industry standards

Make a positive environmental impact

We dig deep into our current impact and make changes to processes, practices and policies in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

This means we:

  • Gain insight into our footprint
  • Take action to lower our footprint
  • Lead by doing

Create internal changemakers

We empower our employees to make a difference, by providing good governance and building a healthy and inclusive working environment.

This means we:

  • Build sustainability awareness & knowledge
  • Be a great(er) employer for the team
  • Install a social framework for impact

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