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The development of bio-based coatings and cleaners requires vision, audacity...


With the reformulation of its entire product range into biodegradable, bio-based coatings and cleaners, Lumiforte is taking a big step forward in terms of sustainability. This, of course, also applies to the users of these products. R&D manager Mathieu Fiore gives a glimpse into the time-consuming,...

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Lumiforte and end users take a step forward in sustainability


This proactive approach to sustainability began on July 1st, and three months after the launch, it is evident that the organized collection, reuse, and recycling of ReduSystems and Sudlac packaging is progressing successfully. After an initial evaluation, producer Lumiforte and logistics partner Houweling...

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How to create an award-winning sustainability strategy


Sustainability is a popular topic these days, with companies around the world sharing their efforts to make a difference. But how do you actually build and promote a sustainability strategy that makes a difference?

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A front row seat in research into light and crops


Lumiforte is capable of developing innovative coatings due to direct contact with well-known scientists working in the area of light and plant physiology. New insights can be directly translated into new coatings. This is why Lumiforte is a member of the Club of 100.

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Coatings and smart energy savings go hand-in-hand


No one can predict where the high energy prices will go from here. What is clear however, is that the current situation stimulates every grower to look for savings. Coatings form an essential part of an intelligent approach.

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Cooperation between ReduSystems and Sudlac means there always is a custom solution...


Lumiforte was created due to the merger of Mardenkro and Sudlac at the end of 2021. This cooperative partnership ensures better service and advice, whereby growers can continue to use their trusted coatings as usual. Sustainability is a key focal point for Lumiforte. This will lead  to ‘greener’...

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Sustainable buckets with a new look


Starting in 2022 all ReduSystems and Sudlac packaging will have a fresh new look. It is immediately obvious from the packaging that the products form a system. Also, the buckets are made from recycled material.

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Sudlac SAS and Mardenkro BV continue together under the name Lumiforte® for...


Sudlac SAS and Mardenkro BV, two companies that produce innovative greenhouse coatings, are moving forward under a new name. The new company name is Lumiforte®. Lumiforte is part of the Horticoop Cooperative. Lumiforte coatings will continue to be available to customers under the brand names Sudlac,...

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