Sustainable buckets with a new look

Starting in 2022 all ReduSystems and Sudlac packaging will have a fresh new look. It is immediately obvious from the packaging that the products form a system. Also, the buckets are made from recycled material.

We have been developing a compatible product line to manage lighting in greenhouses for many years. You can reduce, diffuse, or change the colour of the lights. Or you can improve light transmission of the greenhouse glass. New solutions are constantly being created. For example: it is now possible to adapt the light in the greenhouse throughout the year to meet the needs of the crop.
The time has come to show through the new packaging design that the products form a system. The new look is fresh and modern, but that’s not all. It also has a pictogram immediately showing the contribution the product makes to the year-round system: shading, diffusing, improving light transmission, reducing reflection, cleaning or changing the colour of the light (specialties). There is also a reference to the updated ReduWizard to help growers with their product choice.


We innovate and invest in sustainable production and packaging of our products. We are aware of our responsibility to sustainability when sourcing the raw materials we use. That’s why we take measures to minimise the impact of our packaging on the environment. In 2022 we will only use 100% recycled plastic. This so-called PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) material is made from used plastic packaging in Europa. It is processed into polypropylene granulate through a process of sorting, separating and washing. The granulate is used in the production process of our buckets. The production of recycled buckets emits 90% less CO2 compared to buckets made from virgin materials.
Obviously, we guarantee the quality of our recycled buckets, which are just as strong as virgin plastic equivalents. We have carried out extensive tests in 2020 and 2021. 
Lumiforte products are also available in bulk packaging (IBC), which are always recycled. 

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