A better greenhouse climate all year-round

ReduSystems enables growers to make optimal use of sunlight in their greenhouses throughout the year. ReduSystems offers a series of products that ensure crops optimally benefit from the sunlight. The coatings form a cohesive system: combining products reinforces their operation and makes it possible to control the greenhouse climate in any season. Because no situation is the same, ReduSystems offers tailor-made advice for a suitable solution.


ReduSystems is the global leading brand in developing coatings and cleaners for greenhouse cultivation. The products control the incidence of natural light and heat to optimise the climate for the crop in every season - from a cooler climate in summer and more light in winter, to diffuse light and changing the light spectrum.

Shading agents lower the temperature in the greenhouse by reflecting light and/or heat.
Diffuse coatings scatter the sunlight while maintaining a high light level. Specialties are intended for specific crops or control purposes. Transmission coatings increase the light level in the greenhouse.
Reflective coatings optimise the reflection within the greenhouse.
Cleaning agents
ensure a perfectly clean greenhouse cover.

From simply using whitewash to precisely controlling light levels

Nowadays, coating the greenhouse cover no longer means just blocking light. The essence of coatings is all about controlling light. The innovative ReduSystems products provide solutions for all seasons and are developed based on the latest scientific research.

Sunlight is packed with energy. The plant uses this energy for two purposes: photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis. Photosynthesis leads to growth and production and requires PAR light (Photosynthetic Active Radiation). In addition, individual light colors influence the development and shape of the plant. This is known as photomorphogenesis. The ReduSystems coatings not only control the quantity of light inside the greenhouse, but also the amount of certain light colors and as such influence production and the crop’s development and shape.


Applying a coating

Coatings must be applied to the greenhouse cover with due care. This means: in the right concentration and as uniformly as possible. A coating layer that is not equally thick everywhere can cause growth and quality to vary within the crop. 
Weather conditions (excessive winds, excessively high or low temperatures, precipitation) will affect the result. Keep an eye on the weather before and while you apply the coating. 

Coatings are applied manually (with a spray gun) or mechanically (with a special spray-machine, a roof washer with a spray-boom, or by helicopter or plane) to the greenhouse roof.

Manual application

spray gun

  • Perfect alternative when mechanical application is not possible.
  • Can be used with any ReduSystems product except AntiReflect.
  • The result depends on the equipment’s settings: the fluidity of the spraying liquid and the pressure at which the liquid is ejected from the spray gun.
  • The result depends on the workmanship (insight and walking speed) of the person spraying the coating onto the greenhouse.
  • Provide due consideration to safety and fall protection directives.

Mechanical application

spray machine

  • Yields the most uniform result; the coating has a uniform thickness throughout.
  • Avoids spillage of spraying liquid (liquid does not land beside the greenhouse or in gutters, no chance of spraying greenhouse windows twice), which can result in cost savings of up to 10%. 
  • Sprayers can be adjusted precisely: driving speed can be adjusted to match the output of the spraying nozzles.
  • Combination of roof washer with spraying option is advantageous: clean glass improves the coating’s operation. 

Mechanical application

helicopter or plane

  • Suitable for large surfaces.
  • Particularly suitable for ReduSol.
  • The spraying equipment used must be properly adjusted and well-maintained.
  • Result depends on workmanship and the helicopter pilot’s experience.
  • To achieve a uniform result, the helicopter is required to fly over the greenhouse cover multiple times.
  • Application is not as precise and therefore requires additional spraying liquid.


Use the ReduWizard app to select your ReduSystems product

The greenhouse climate is a determining factor in the production and quality of your crops. The coating that suits best in your situation depends on the plants’ needs and local weather conditions. The right choice is important! This is why we developed the ReduWizard app. 

The ReduWizard app provides growers with recommendations concerning the ReduSystems products that best match their unique situation. To obtain custom recommendations you enter the crop’s details, after which the app combines this information with a database containing global climate data about precipitation, temperature, light radiation, and data about the technical properties of the ReduSystems products.

(No rights can be derived from the recommendations generated by this app.)

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