Sports line marking products and equipment

Selectline offers line marking products and associated equipment for the sports sector.

The ready-for-use coatings are very user friendly and can be applied to grass fields without diluting with water. In addition, we produce a series of coating concentrates for marking sports fields, whereby the user can determine the level of whiteness. The Selectline products are of a perfectly white color, maintain their stability in the jerrycan and are wear resistant. 

Reliable Partner

The Selectline line marking products and equipment make us a specialized partner in the world of sports. We have more than 30 years’ experience in developing and producing sports field marking products and equipment. Our delivery lead times are short, and customers can count on us. We focus on consistently delivering top quality. Each production batch is checked by our own quality control department and samples are stored for future use. You must be able to score in any match. That is our motto.


Product range

Line marking coatings

We offer different line marking paints for grass. Selectline Mix is a line of concentrated line marking paints, that is characterized by its whiteness, wear resistance and stability in the can. Selectline Ready Fit, Selectline Ready Go and Selectline Direct are our ready-to-use sport field line marking paints that stand for quality and convenience.

Product range

Line marking machines

Selectline develops and supplies line marking machines that tie in perfectly with the properties of the range of Selectline paints. We keep improving on our existing machines and simultaneously are developing new line marking machines to make sure we can supply the most efficient and easy solution to use line marking.

Product range

accessories for improvement

Select your accessory to make even greater lines!
You can find here a cleaner for your line marking machine, a rope system to make a clean straight line and fieldmarkers for the (re)-marking of you sports field.



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