Vision and mission 


Lumiforte develops smart coating solutions that maximise yields in the greenhouse cultivation and sports sectors. We aim to have a significant impact on the development of plants, people and the ecosystem by working in harmony with nature. They are the sources from which we draw, from which we learn and that we treat with respect.


We like a challenge! Lumiforte aims to constantly improve the production process and the products we produce. The starting point hereby is our care for plants, people and the environment.

  • Plants
    We work in harmony with nature. Lumiforte’s coatings refine the sunlight thus enabling growers to cultivate crops in their greenhouses throughout the entire year. Sports field marking products change the character of grass and convert it into sports fields. Our aim is to create a climate in which strong plants can optimally grow. It is amazing what nature can do with the right coating.
  • People
    We aim for continuous improvement by working together with the most talented people in an inspiring and motivating atmosphere. We are a reliable partner for our customers, with specialised knowledge of coatings. We respond to their needs, contribute ideas and like to contribute to their success.
    We offer our employees an inspiring workplace where they can develop themselves and the company. We encourage research and experimentation for the purpose of developing innovative products.
  • Environment
    We are close to our customers and close to the latest sustainable technologies that enable us to develop smart coating solutions with a positive impact on the environment. We are constantly working on making our production process sustainable. For example, we minimise our waste streams and it is our aim to make our products completely biodegradable over the coming years. Our sustainability policy is focused on six sustainable development goals: tackling climate change, sustainable production and consumption, clean water, protecting ecosystems and biodiversity on land and in water, and global cooperation. 

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