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Lumiforte is a growing and healthy company with a total of 65 employees. We have over 30 years of experience and have grown through a worldwide distributor network. The atmosphere within the company is pleasant; everyone is equal and the lines of communication are short. We have three branches: The Netherlands, France and Canada. From the Netherlands, we serve a large part of the market in Northern Europe, Russia, Africa and Oceania.

Job description:

The job of HR Business partner is fully new within Lumiforte. We are looking for a professional willing to work both on local company challenges in the Netherlands as well as on international Lumiforte themes.
Because our company is fast growing (currently employing about 65 people in multiple countries, expected to grow towards about 100 people in a few years time), this obviously brings a lot of Human Resource related challenges with it. Some relevant topics that will be your responsibility can be found below:

  • Set-up of an internal coaching and training program where talents of colleagues are recognized and where they are challenged to “grow” and to get the most out of themselves in a stimulating work environment.
  • Further set-up and maintain job profiles, organograms etc.
  • Further development of our performance and remuneration system where both department/company targets as well as personal development targets play a role.
  • Possible role in the (international) recruitment of new colleagues.
  • Be the first ‘liaison’ of HR related items for the LLT’s (Local Leadership Teams) at the locations in the Netherlands and France.
  • Define and role out a vision on future working within our company being a ‘modern employer’, with respect to local cultures and requirements and changes because of f.e. Covid.
  • Play an important role in organizing relevant events online/offline to consistently make sure colleagues feel “connected” in our company despite the different countries, languages and cultures; we want everyone to feel proud of our company being part of “one family”.
  • Where relevant in the near future, from your expertise play an important role in the set-up of new locations or locations that will further expand (Americas, Asia etc.).
  • Bring up and implement other HR related items that are relevant in our fast growing international company.

The opportunity of this job also lies in the fact that it is fully new in our company, so we expect you to be proactive in the further set-up and understanding/anchoring of this new job within all of our group entities. Obviously you should also be flexible and should see it as opportunity to take other related tasks in your portfolio (for example performing various tasks for the managing board could be part of this), as this job is not yet ‘carved in stone’.


  • Bachelor or master degree in a HR related study.


  • Experience with the new set-up and development of HR related items in an international context like ‘coaching and training program’, ‘performance/remuneration system’ etc.
  • Experience with recruitment in an international context (is a big plus, not a requirement).
  • Senior enough to be the direct liaison to the LLT’s.
  • 5-10 years working experience in an smaller/mid-size international company.
  • Professional but pragmatic/down-to earth way of working and communication with colleagues from different layers within the group companies.
  • Very pro-active and positive mentality, getting energy of organizing/arranging topics that create an enjoyable working environment with a ‘professional mind’.

Languages and other preferences:

  • Dutch (native speaker).
  • English (good/professional level in writing and speaking).
  • French (is a plus, not a requirement).
  • Willingness to travel to other locations of Lumiforte (mainly France) on a regular basis.
  • Open to get further experience/study where relevant on HR or other relevant topics.

We offer you:

  • A very interesting and not fully fixed job in an international small but fast-growing company with all challenges involved.
  • Space to develop within that context, on a personal level (in the job content it selves as well as via external studies/courses).
  • Remuneration package that is very competitive.

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